What Do We Do?

HD Cardboards supply high quality cardboard and plastic packaging. Our main customers are fruit and vegetables growers and wholesalers in the WA metropolitan area. We also provide a transport service to deliver packed produce to Canning Vale markets.

Our Background

Our background is in farming. We are two brothers who worked on our family farm since primary school. We grew, broccoli, brussel sprouts, capsicums, mushrooms, snowpeas, spring onions and strawberries just to name a few. So we do know more than a thing or two about farming and the importance of keeping our produce fresh and protected until it reaches the end consumers hands and into their bellies.

We know that packing can be a bore and a chore so we have tried to make it as easy as possible to pack your produce by supplying:

– Fully erect cardboard cartons – Save on man power and let us erect your cartons for you so you no longer have to fold your own boxes by hand. Our cartons are strong and will stack up straight without squashing the produce underneath.

– Custom cartons – we will assist you with customising your own carton for your specific needs.

– Pre labelled punnets – punnets come pre labelled with your own customised label and our hinged punnets make it a quick snap to pack those berries or cherry tomatoes.

-Artwork – supply your own artwork or we can assist you in the design process.

We know that fruit and vegetables can’t wait. We are happy to assist you with urgent deliveries whenever we can. If they are ready to be packed on Sundays and you are running out, we will deliver on Sundays provided that you let us know by midday Friday. You will most likely see one of us brothers doing this special delivery for you.

We want to work with you to protect and keep your produce fresh. Pack perfect with us.

Ken Doan & Hoa Doan

Our Story

Ken Doan and Hoa Doan are two brothers who worked for their parents market garden, growing vegetables and strawberries. They started working for their parents at the young age of 9 and 7, picking and packing produce in a 48m2 shed after school each day.

In 2001

At 19 and 17, the brother’s parents said they could grow their on vegetables on a small plot of land within the property. They could sell whatever they grew, to whomever they could sell it to, keeping the profits themselves.

In 2004

The brothers were disappointed with their packaging supplier who would not budge on the price. The brothers said they would buy direct from the supplier’s manufacturer if they do not receive a discount. The supplier’s response was; “lets see what you kids can do”. That response fueled the brothers to start their own packaging business.

Starting out under a tree on their parents’ property until they could afford to build a 11m x 11m tin shed, the brothers started selling to their relatives and acquaintances. They were running at a loss and break even for a number of years but they did not give up. Earning the trust and loyalty of their customers, and growing their customer base from word of mouth alone, they were finally able to establish HD Cardboards as a private company in 2009.

In 2018

They moved into their brand new office and warehouse in Neerabup and continue to grow their business.