Custom Cardboard Boxes

At HD Cardboards, we can always find you the perfect box to meet your requirements. We have boxes for all the different kinds of fruit and vegetables, as well as custom boxes for transport, storage and packing. Our produce boxes come in a variety of sizes and thickness. You can order our existing generic cartons or have your own print on them.

We also sell flat packed cartons which are suitable if you want to save cost or you want to maximise your storage space.

Our Cardboard cartons are stackable and when packed and stacked onto pallets they don’t lose their shape or warp when transported. They are also fully recyclable.

Need a cardboard shipper carton or shelf ready carton?

Let us know your requirements. Please note a minimum order quantity will apply.

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Plastic Punnets and Labels

Our plastic punnets for berries and cherry tomatoes are so easy to pack.

We have hinged lids and open tray punnets in 250g, 500g and 1kg for strawberries, 125g for blueberries and 200g and 250g for cherry tomatoes.

They can come labelled with your own label, or unlabelled.

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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Our Corrugated Cardboard cartons are strong and durable and will stack up straight. You tell us how heavy your load is, whether refrigeration or freezing is required, travel destination and length of time on a pallet, and we will match you up with one of our boards or custom make to your requirements.

Save your packing time, by ordering our Cardboard cartons fully erected. Or you can choose to hand erect cartons if you have speedy folding hands. Only cartons compatible with our machine can be erected.*

Fancy something different? Add your artwork to our boards or your custom designed carton to make your produce stand out from the rest.

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