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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Our Corrugated Cardboard cartons are strong and durable and will stack up straight. You tell us how heavy your load is, whether refrigeration or freezing is required, travel destination and length of time on a pallet, and we will match you up with one of our boards or custom make to your requirements.

What are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes suitable for?

Corrugated Cardboard cartons are suitable for fruit and vegetable produce, meat, poultry, seafood, and a variety of beverages. Corrugated cardboard is stronger than traditional cardboard boxes so they can hold a larger amount of heavy items. We advise you get in touch with us to describe your packing requirements and we can recommend a boxing solution suitable for you.

Extra Options

Save your packing time, by ordering our corrugated cardboard cartons fully erected. If you simply don’t have time in your day to erect boxes, let us know and we’ll be happy to use our special box erecting machine. Or, you can choose to hand erect cartons if you have speedy folding hands. Please note, only cartons compatible with our machine can be erected.*

Fancy something different? Add your artwork to our boards or your custom designed carton to make your produce stand out from the rest. Customised artwork on your boxes adds a touch of extra professionalism and can get your produce noticed and recognised immediately.  There is also space for advertising and contact information on the boxes to get your branding out there.

At HD Cardboards we aim to help you pack perfectly, and we have a massive range of options available to fulfil your requirements. Give us a call or submit a quote online and start packing today.