Custom Cardboard Boxes

At HD Cardboards, we can always find you the perfect box to meet your requirements. We have boxes for all the different kinds of fruit and vegetables, as well as custom boxes for transport, storage and packing. Our produce boxes come in a variety of sizes and thickness. You can order our existing generic cartons or have your own print on them.

If you require, we can supply almost all of our cartons fully erected to save you time folding them by hand. Please note that not all carton types fit our box erecting machine. We also sell flat packed cartons which are suitable if you want to save cost or you want to maximise your storage space.

Our Cardboard cartons are stackable and when packed and stacked onto pallets they don’t lose their shape or warp when transported. They are also fully recyclable.

Produce Boxes

We supply a huge range of fruit and vegetable boxes and cartons, including:

  • Fruit cartons & trays
  • Stone fruit cartons
  • Grape cartons
  • Citrus cartons
  • Avocado cartons
  • Blueberry cartons
  • Fig Cartons
  • Carrot Cartons
  • Tomato Cartons
  • Capsicum Cartons
  • Plus, many more


When ordering your produce boxes, there are a few things to consider before we determine the type of board and its thickness:

  • The weight of the load you are storing
  • If refrigeration is required, and for how long
  • The distance the load will travel
  • How long the boxes are stored on pallets before reaching the stores or end consumers


When ordering, please let us know as much information as you can and we will recommend and supply the perfect box for your requirements.

Shipping, Packing & Shelf-Ready Boxes

If you would like custom boxes for other purposes – for example cardboard shippers, shelf-ready display boxes or packing boxes, you can provide us with a sample or a set of specifications and we will provide you with a quote.

For a custom box order, provide us with as much information as you can like the below and we’ll provide you with a quote or recommendations:

  • Type of product you would like to pack
  • The weight of the load
  • Height of box stacking
  • If refrigeration is required


At HD Cardboards we aim to help you pack perfectly, and we have a massive range of options available to fulfil your requirements. Give us a call or submit a quote online and start packing today.