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Produce Boxes

We supply a huge range of fruit and vegetable boxes and cartons, including:

  • Fruit cartons & trays
  • Stone fruit cartons
  • Grape cartons
  • Citrus cartons
  • Avocado cartons
  • Blueberry cartons
  • Fig Cartons
  • Carrot Cartons
  • Tomato Cartons
  • Capsicum Cartons
  • Plus, many more

When ordering your produce boxes, there are a few things to consider before we determine the type of board and its thickness:

  • The weight of the load you are storing
  • If refrigeration is required, and for how long
  • The distance the load will travel
  • How long the boxes are stored on pallets before reaching the stores or end consumers
When ordering, please let us know as much information as you can and we will recommend and supply the perfect box for your requirements.